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You can trust us  count anytime!
Take a look at our offer and let us know how we can help you.
Use  like our free advice or book directly.


We will find the words you are missing!

Your resume does not meet the current standards, is confusing and does not have an appealing design? Maybe you've been working on your cover letter for weeks or haven't even started. You see great job advertisements and then you don't apply because you neither have the time nor the inclination to take care of the application?  Save yourself the trouble and time and let us do it for you.  We will find the words that you are missing and not only write your application for you, but also bring your résumé into shape.

Your cover letter will not only stand out, but the one  Readers too  make it clear why  you are the best choice for the job! 

In addition, you are allowed to  Choose a free design for your application from our design gallery so that you can also look different from other applicants. You will also receive an application template in Word format, which you can adjust as often as you like, as a gift.


Always ready

We practice your self-presentation, take away the uncertainty  and  go through with you all the questions you might come across in the interview. By  Our insider knowledge gives you an insight into the world of HR professionals and employers.

What is really behind the questions and what do you maybe shoot yourself out with?  We were already sitting on both sides of the table, so we know exactly how to best prepare you.

With our application coaching you shine  every job interview and doesn’t let you upset.

A good  Preparation is more than half the battle!


The full service!

From question marks to dream jobs!

For whom is this service useful?

For those who are stuck in a job that they know they don't want to grow old there, but somehow can't make the jump because uncertainty and indecision are still holding them back or they just don't know where to go and how to get there come.

For those who will lose their job in the foreseeable future and who are already plagued by fears about the future. The job market is a jungle in which it is easy to get lost. So that this doesn't happen to you, we take you by the hand. Outplacement is also often paid for by employers.

For those who have just finished university and simply don't want to take the next best job, but the best possible. Let yourself be placed correctly with the first placement. So that you don't end up somewhere after your studies, but in the right place!

We go through all the important steps with you and accompany you towards your dream job. Career advice, potential analysis and the creation of your documents are only part of this full service package. Our goal is that you will be happy with your new job in the long term. Activities and companies should suit you and your interests. We are not looking for just any job ... we are looking for your dream job.

Payment in installments possible! Contact us for information on payment in installments (no interest!)


Feedback from the professional!

Your application documents are ready and you want a professional opinion and suggestions for optimization ?! No problem ... send your application to and you will receive detailed and free feedback during a telephone appointment.


Why is this service free?


Perhaps your application is already so good that you don't even need our help. It only makes sense to pay for a service when you really need it. If we see that the need for optimization is high, it makes sense to book one of our services, otherwise sometimes just one or the other tip is enough and you can get it from us for free.

Send us your completed application  and enter your contact details so that we can reach you.

Whatever the job, we'll take care of it. Contact  us gladly.

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