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Nowadays are attractive and good  paid apprenticeship, study and internship positions are in great demand. So you have to assert yourself against a large number of competitors and stand out from the rest with a top application.

Would you like to apply for one of the following jobs?

  • apprenticeship

  • Internship (voluntary or compulsory internship)

  • dual study

  • Working student job

  • scholarship

Then you belong to the “Apprentices & Students” category and get all our offers at a reduced price. What are you waiting for?! Take a look at our services and book your suitable offer.

Entry-level professionals & skilled workers

Have you just finished your studies or your apprenticeship? Perhaps you have just come out of your parental leave, are looking for a job or are unhappy with your current job. Do you finally want to get started in your dream job? We are happy to help. The labor market is fiercely competitive. Let us accompany you. Take a look at our services and book the right offer for you.



Not every good specialist is also a good manager. The demands on managers are higher than ever. We know which competencies are important and support you with our insider knowledge  and our expertise  On the way up.

Do you know how to motivate people and achieve corporate goals with the right leadership? You wear  already have personal responsibility or you have the confidence to do so and want to get started as a manager. Then you are right with us. Take a look at our services and book the right offer for you.

Feedback from our customers

Frau 7

I met dear Asmahan by chance, I just say thank God. Since I didn't have the time to write my application myself, she did it for me. She does everything, everything, all I have to do is send a photo. She is very knowledgeable. She always had time for me. I could reach her at any time. It doesn't matter when or where, she was always there. The best thing was that, since I always wanted everything to be done quickly, the documents were on the table faster than planned. Application letter wasn't just everything, it also got me to join  Presentation interview prepared. She is a wonderful person. Thank you Asmahan thank you for everything.

Demet (34, dental assistant)

I've always been skeptical about having someone else write applications for you. Asmahan listing on Insta  was something completely new for me in this form. In my opinion, even a positive added value! I felt very well!! My insecurity and prejudices were taken away right from the first interview!  You automatically feel more comfortable if someone can explain you better in this regard and gives you a little insight into the world of employers. It felt like Asmahan was there  a close friend for me who does me a huge favor and I was able to talk to her about my expectations and wishes without any problems! I was more than happy with the result. As I read my papers, I noticed that Asmahan had put a lot of work into putting my personality into words and I was touched by the choice of her  Sentences! She was around the clock  for one  there and always replied quickly and she was always available quickly, even with additions, and I was able to send my application without any problems. I am very, very happy that I came across your profile and I think it is by far one of the best services with long-term added value. Because the best investment is still the investment in yourself!

Janine (27, working student business informatics)

Dear Asmahan, thank you very much for your support in the application process. Everything was just perfect all around. During the really nice advice I immediately noticed that you  knows exactly what you are doing and I felt very well cared for the whole time. I thought it was great that you always answered quickly to open questions - no question was too many for you! You even completed your application much earlier than agreed. Thank you for that - I will definitely recommend you!

Claudia (24, training as an administrative clerk)

Thank you very much for your help and support with the application letter, I am simply enthusiastic about your work! I thought it was great that you took so much time and responded to my wishes. Already during the consultation I noticed that I was in good hands with you. I will definitely recommend you and come back to you myself if I should need something again. Thank you again !!

Gizem (23, trained as an office clerk)

Since I hadn't had to write an application for a few years and had a hard time doing it, I was glad when I came across this page. Everything went smoothly and I was positively surprised by the intensive customer support. My application was tailor-made. Thank you very much for the great service!

Norbert (37, programmer)

I would like to thank you for the quick work. I had professional, meaningful documents available within a few days. In the initial meeting and also in the result, it was noticed that you are really dealing with your customers and that you are designing the documents accordingly. Without you, I would have sat there for weeks and in the end I would not have sent off an application. I will definitely recommend you.

Elif (29, project management)

I am enthusiastic about your work, I would never have been able to write such applications on my own.

Sara (37, commercial assistant)

I have sent my application and wanted to thank you again very much. I can only warmly recommend you. You gave 110% on everything. You were always available if you had any questions. You finished very quickly. You responded to my wishes and my person so really mega. I really thank you from the bottom of my heart !!! You can be really proud of yourself and every cent that you pay is worth it. A very quick service and very reliable.

Thomas (26, clerk  Administration)

I wanted to thank you again in this way. You gave me such valuable tips. I have never felt so safe and cool in a job interview. I was totally insecure when I came up to you, but you built me up right and I went into conversation with total confidence. I would come to you again and again. Big thank you!

Kim (38, Store Manager)

Thanks so much. A fortnight ago we had no idea to write a reasonable application for the apprenticeship position. And then I received your contact with the words “Super committed woman, who formulated really great applications, very individual with an innovative layout.” What can I say, I am 100% satisfied, thanks for the great empathic advice and then also in such a short processing time ... again and again gladly and to be recommended. The price-performance ratio is right. The result is impressive. Thanks to you a thousand times and keep going.

Katrin (18, training IT system electronics technician)

I really thought I couldn't get a decent job anymore. My old employer totally burned me and I really doubted myself. Asmahan built me up and showed me my strengths. Sometimes you need someone to help you believe in yourself again. Not only did it provide me with great records, it also kept me from selling myself below value on the job market. You can't pay for that with money. Thanks!

Ilse (56, administrative clerk)

Before I wrote to you, I was so desperate to write an application that I didn't know how to put my situation into words without it coming across as unprofessional. Through the conversation I was able to tell you everything and you could understand me directly and implemented it perfectly. I can't imagine a better way. Through our conversation I noticed that you knew exactly what you were doing and I felt that I was in good hands. I'm so fascinated, I think if I had done it myself, I would sit on it a lot longer and not even get anywhere near as perfect. Above all, how fast did it actually go? You are super committed and professional, but on the other hand you are empathetic and you have the feeling that you are talking to a friend. Thank you Rieeesen and I will definitely recommend you to others.

Enisa (27, dual study bank clerk)

Many thanks again for the great tips. I would never have thought of building my application like this without you. The design fits perfectly and all documents (cover sheet, cover letter and résumé) match perfectly.

Faysal (35, multi-project manager)

The application turned out so good. It's just completely different from what I know. Thank you thank you thank you, I'm really happy.

Sergej (39, carpenter)

Dear Asmahan, first of all thank you for your kind and honest manner. We only started writing yesterday and this morning the cover letter was already finished. It was just so quick. The cover letter is just perfect, especially the design is something completely different. I was very happy to have found you and got to know you. It won't be the last time. I am happy with everything. Thanks again for your advice and effort, I will of course recommend you.

Klaudia (Payroll Clerk)

Dear Asmahan, I wanted to thank you again for the great coaching! Without you, I would definitely not have been able to prepare so well for the interview. You paid attention to so many details that I would never have thought of. Your flexibility with the appointments also made things easier for me. I now feel totally safe and well prepared for the interview and I will recommend you 100%.

Tatjana (32, training as an administrative administrator)

I wanted to thank you again for the great coaching. If it hadn't been for the coaching, I would never have prepared myself so well for the VG, I myself would have ignored many of the points you told me. Your tips and suggestions for improvement really helped me. I just felt safe and very well prepared. Thanks so much!! Will keep you updated.

Mohamed (21, training in office management)

I wanted to thank you again for your support. Without your help, I would not have been able to prepare so well for the interview. Who would have thought that I would apply within 2 weeks, get the invitation for an interview, go there and then get an acceptance on the same day. Flashed the troop.

Hannah (34, controller)

I have to honestly say, you are a great author and you can put yourself in the shoes of your clients. You also attach great importance to customer satisfaction and I am really grateful that you made so many changes until I was completely satisfied. This is by far the best application I've ever sent. You were a great help to me to get closer to my dream career. Thank you Asmahan

Thorsten (28, dual study hotel business)

I have to say even if I shouldn't be accepted, it was definitely worth it to have the application made with you ... I wouldn't even be able to design and write a fraction of it like this. May God give you what you have in your heart.

Emre (26, training as a warehouse logistics specialist)

Dear Asmahan, I thank you for your extremely great and professional application, you can see from the application you have sent me that a lot of work has been put into it and that is what makes it so special. I would also like to thank you for your honest tips and encouragement, which have led you to keep fighting. Thanks alot. Couldn't have done better.

Sina (25, apprenticeship, office management assistant)

I didn't think that it would work so well and so quickly because I first had my concerns. Like so many, I have problems writing a good application. I always miss the right ones. You just finished so quickly. If I don't like something, you changed it and adapted it immediately. You are also so friendly and don't sound annoyed at all when you want something different. If I should apply again I would get back to you. I liked your work. Just great

Mehtap (28, student assistant)

Es war die beste Entscheidung die Bewerbungen von euch schreiben zu lassen. Mein Mann und ich wurden beide zum Vorstellungsgespräch eingeladen. Ihr habt unsere Stärken richtig erkannt und herausgearbeitet. Ich wäre nie auf die Idee gekommen, weil vieles für einen selbst einfach so selbstverständlich ist, dass man es einfach nicht erwähnt. Vielen Dank für eure Mühe. Wir werden euch auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen.

Farah, Ärztin in Weiterbildung für Dermatologie und Venerologie

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