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Apply to be a copywriter or copywriter:

Can you write captivating texts and not only read job advertisements, but also really understand them? You know how to set up applicant profiles and job profiles  bring together Our copywriters and copywriters are remunerated per order.

The faster you are in understanding the situation of our customers and creating a tailored cover letter for you, the higher your hourly wage will be.

You work on a fee basis,  decide for yourself how many orders you want to accept and do so from the comfort of your own home. If you accept an order and carry it out reliably, you will receive further orders.

Our customers are important to us and pay for the best quality.

Therefore, our employees should have the following requirements:


  • You have a perfect command of German spelling &  are a formulation genius

  • You have experience in application management

  • You know the current application standards and application trends

  • You know what  HR &  Value to employers

  • You are creative &  service oriented

  • You enjoy helping people get their dream job

Apply as a job coach:

Do you have coaching experience and know the tricks of HR professionals? Do you manage to prepare applicants for their job interview in the best possible way and to take away a bit of their excitement?  Then apply as a job coach!

Show us that you are a professional and know how to be convincing in an interview!

  • You have recruiting experience

  • You know how organizations "tick"

  • You have one  Coaching training or similar

  • You are empathetic and deal sensitively with experiences of discrimination

  • You are characterized by strong social skills and analytical skills

Our customers rely on us  and place your professional future in our hands to a certain extent. We are aware of this responsibility and therefore we pay attention to who we work with. We have to be able to rely on you and you on us. You determine your workload yourself. You can place an order  or 40 orders  to edit. You just let us know at the beginning of the month what your capacities are.

Are you an analytical writing genius and / or a talent for coaching?

Are you known in your environment for reliability, honesty and commitment?

Service is not a word for you, but an attitude?

Do you really enjoy what you do?

Then you are exactly right with us!

Our business motto  is " Win Win Win "

Win : You have  a job where you can work creatively and independently and all from the comfort of your home.

Win : Ours  Customers get closer to their dream job and receive individual and professional  Applications  at a fair price.

Win : We are happy about a great and successful business that is based on happy employees and customers.

Apply now and become part of one  Work culture based on appreciation, trust and fairness.

Do you suit us and we suit you? Then send your résumé to and fill out the form. 

Thanks for submitting!

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