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We will create a top letter of motivation for you. We are creative and use methods like storytelling & copywriting to make your letter of motivation perfect! 


What are these letters of motivation all about?


Meanwhile, more and more companies are demanding

Motivation letter. A letter of motivation is a bit like soul striptease. Similar to when the doctor says: "Please do it yourself  free". That  Company wants  not only know what you can do, but also who you are, who you were and who you would like to be. What drives you ...


In short: They want to understand why you are applying for this position and what inspires you personally about this job. Putting all these aspects into words is an enormous challenge for many. 


You can also get letters of motivation from us for:

  • Universities (study places)
  • Grants


The prices given relate to the scope  one page (DIN A4) For more extensive letters of motivation, please state "2" as the number.



Motivation letter

PriceFrom €89.00
Sales Tax Included
  • After you have ordered, you will receive an order confirmation from us. There you can easily and conveniently enter your data and all the important information we need in an online form. After you've submitted the form, we'll take 3 to 5  Working days to prepare your documents for you. You will receive the result by email and you have 5 days to take a look at your application documents and notify us of any change requests. If everything works for you and you are satisfied, you can get started and apply!

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