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Help ...  the interview is pending!

No panic! We can do that together ...


Let yourself be prepared for your interview in a very personal and individual way with a 1: 1 coaching. Trainees have to push different buttons than managers. And for  every company has to come up with a different approach. Because an interview is very individual and the process always depends on you personally, the company and your desired position.


  • We explain the process of a VG to you  (If you know what to expect, then a lot of fear and nervousness will go away)
  • We go through your self-presentation with you step by step and practice it until it sits. Your self-presentation is the be-all and end-all. The typical question of every HR manager: "Tell me something about yourself" or  "Guide us through your résumé". A poorly prepared self-presentation can cost you your chance at the job.
  • We go through all the questions and stumbling blocks in your career that may come up in the conversation  and so simulate the VG. We analyze yours  Career, your strengths and weaknesses as well as yours  Motivation. 
  • Salary negotiation is also an important topic that we are dealing with here.
  • All these points, right up to the adoption, are discussed in detail.
  • We know the tricks and thoughts  of the HR staff and help you to master the job interview confidently and confidently.

Application coaching

PriceFrom €169.00
Sales Tax Included
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